Sorbic International is based in the Chinese province of Shandong in the People’s Republic of China, a region with a population of circa 94 million, is involved in the production and sale of the food preservative sorbates.

Sorbic listed on AIM in September 2008 and operates from its 33,000 m² production facility in Linyi City, (population 10 million), Shandong Province. The Company will double its sorbate production capacity to 15,000 tpa with 2 new lines to be located in a 290,167 m² production facility in Inner Mongolia.

Sorbic International is the third largest sorbates producer in China, and the market is being driven by the fact that the main alternative to sorbates, Sodium Benzoate, is being phased out in the US, Europe, and Japan. There is also a growing demand for sorbates as consumerism and urbanisation continue throughout China.